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  • Ex: Ultimate Yoga and Surf retreat, Mexico, Sept 2012)
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  • what the attendee should expect as for the structure of the day: yoga and meal times for example.
  • Provide pricing and what it includes. If your price is in another currency than US Dollars, please include both currencies: $800 (1040 euro)

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Terms & Conditions for Listing a retreat on Retreat Place:

Listing a retreat on Retreat Place is free, only if someone books your retreat through Retreat Place, there is a small service fee to cover for the costs involved with running the site. Look at it as bonus – students outside your regular outreach channels you may normally not have. Students who have attended your retreat and booked with us will have the ability to leave a review. This will allow you to build a worldwide reputation on our site and reach more people for future retreats.

The service fee is 10-15%  of the total retreat price for every reservation booked and varies depending on the retreat price. The higher the total, the lower the percentage for the fee. It includes:

  • Payment processing, 
  • Our site’s operation,
  • Marketing, Sales and Technical support, 
  • Promotion of your retreat on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, blog articles about you or your retreat, content creation, etc.
  • Advertising on specialized sites

By agreeing to our terms, you also give us permission to use photos for our website and social media promotion.

 Terms as of August 2012, subject to change.


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